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    I tried searching for this, but I think some people have the words in their signature so I'm getting masses of irrelevant posts and not finding the information that I need.

    I'm thinking of either a) persuading work to sponsor me for this, or b) paying for it myself. Before I stump up the money I've got a couple of questions

    Can I get some feedback please from those people that have done the course, specifically:
    • Did you find the course more difficult or more easy than you expected? Why?
    • What was your level of experience prior to taking the course? How has the course benefitted you since you completed it?
    • Did you take the extra challenge at the end of the course? Do you get a fancy certificate when you're finished ()?
    • Is the course now based on B|T3 or on B|T2? Do you need any other tools/software, or is it possible to view/complete the entire course with only the live CD?
    • If I download the videos from the course will I still be able to view them once my 30 days are up?
    • Would it be possible, or even practical to complete the course using a VM of Back|Track?

    I'm sure I'll think of more questions as we go along

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    course is now based on bt3

    for further questions , ask ziplock in #offsec on
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