I have a HP pavilion DV7-3098 laptop and want to dual boot Windows 7 Ultimate and Backtrack 4. The laptop has 2 physical drives both are 500gb. The first drive has the windows installation on it. I want backtrack 4 on the second hard drive in a 105gb partition that I have already created using windows. The 150gb partition is unformatted, as I figured it would be best to let backtrack do that. I boot backtrack form the live cd and boot into the gui then I run the install script, but I get stuck at the part where backtrack wants to install onto the hdd. I don't see the 150 gb partition I created, nor do I know how to find it to tell backtrack to install there. I don't know where backtrack wants to install, and I don't want to mess up my windows install. How can I dual boot them and still keep the windows partition (and preferably the windows boot loader). Please be as clear and simple as possible as I'm new to Linux and don't know the commands much. The reason I have to use backtrack is because I'm taking a network secrity course and we have to use backtrack for parts of the course.

I have a few more question, so I'll post them here rather thatn making a bunch of different forum threads.

Is there a gui to configure my wireless card? I tried iwconfig, but that confused me. I will learn iwconfig later, but is there a gui I can use to get me started?

Next question. I have a bluetooth mouse, will it work in backtrack? does backtrack support bluetooth?

Final question. How can I update/install the correct drivers for backtrack? I doubt it is as simple as going to the manufacture's website and downloading and installing a .exe file.

Thanks for all the help.