Hi guys. This is my first post to the forum, and I must say its a real maze finding your way around, I just hope i'm posting in the right place.

I would like to get up and running with bt 3, but I have a very specific question that I hope someone can help me with, as I haven't been able to find the answer. Am I able to use a custom version of linux when setting up my live distro of bt3? or am I able to customise the kernel of linux provided in the bt3 iso.

I will need either to customise the existing kernel, or my own custom linux. This is because I am blind. As a result, in order to use a computer I have to use a type of program called a screen reader. The screen reader is able to output what is on the screen as long as it is text based as artificial speech. With the use of the screen reader, I am able to do almost anything you can imagine on the computer.

The screen reader that is available for linux, called linux speakup is a series of patches that have to be applied to the linux kernel. Obviously the iso image that is downloadable is compiled files, and I couldn't find out if it was possible to download the source code to bt3 in order to patch it. I'm fairly new to the world of linux and bt, so I hope the members will forgive any errors on my part in placing this post. Any help would be very welcome, and please feel free to ask me for any editional details or to ask any questions.