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Thread: kde loading with text mode option only

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    Default kde loading with text mode option only

    Sorry, new to bt3 and newer linux's. Used to run redhat 7. Heres my thing, I can start bt3 from the cd, and if I select the kde load option it will get to the point of loading x but then just acts like it is attempting to reload a number of times then drops out and says there is a problem with kde. If I choose text mode with frame buffer when I boot, and get to a console prompt and run startx it loads without a problem (and looks mighty nice I must say). Just wondering if there is an option I should be putting in on boot or if I just need to continue to get it to load x the longer way.

    I am on a hp dv6809, 2ghz with 3gb ram, atheros wireless card, and nvidia graphics card. Everything else actually works great for me and I am very happy with bt3, I was just hoping to speed up getting to kde a bit.


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    Hi Dan,

    I'm having problems with BT3 and my HP's nVidia 7000 series GFX card. When you choose the "KDE3" option, one of the kernel parameters is "autoexec=xconf;kdm". It is xconf that is failing to provide the correct settings to the XOrg xserver. Either keep using the frame buffer option or (if it's been installed to a harddrive/pendrive) then edit your xorg.conf file manually to give it the correct settings.


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