I got Acer Aspireone(110) laptop and i want to install bt3(my orginal plans was to install XP on it but the XP runs too slow) into it in near future(actually i've not got the installing tutorial work) but i'm too new with linux operating systems to do that.

I'm having a problem that i can't solve by myself so i'm asking help at here.

The problem i'm having now is that i cannot get the laptop's wlan work. In the acer aspire one there's a small button which allows you put the wlan on & off and it's not working. And i've tried to find the solution by myself but everytime I try to install the drivers they don't work. And probably i should be restarting the laptop and load the OS again to make the drivers work but the problem is that the drivers aren't saved to anywhere so when i boot the laptop every change i made disappears and the OS is at same condition as it was before.

SO - What should do? Should i install the BT3 to the laptop first so that it boots off from the laptop's flash memory or should i somehow put the drivers into the flash stick and then install the BT3 to the laptop(I think i'm also missing soundcard drivers)? Someone help me. THis is really confusing for me.