Hi all. I've only recently gotten BT3 up and running on my system. While I still have a few housekeeping things I want to do before I start using BT3 as I did with BT2, I would much rather use Gnome than KDE. I've been looking around a tad and I haven't seen any info on installing Gnome in BackTrack in order to read up on what I need to do and to see if it's even possible however, I haven't found much info.
I learned most of my Linux on Ubuntu and I'm very used to 'sudo apt-get install'ing whatever software I need and that is how I would have installed Gnome however, BackTrack doesn't have aptitude installed. The only package manager I know of in BT is RPM, which I find very confusing. Is there anyway I can install aptitude to BackTrack? If not, how about Gnome? Any help or a point in the right direction is awesome. Thanks.