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Thread: Question about wordlists

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    i downloaded some nice wordlists, names, places, dictionary words.

    i put them in one file.
    copy *.txt mega.txt

    but, how to get all the smaller words out?
    is there a script or something i can use that takes out the less then 8 letter words?

    i searched around and answered my own question.
    for anyone else, this was not easy to find

    make this command
    cat wordlist.txt | pw-inspector -m 8 -M 63 > wordlist-wpa.txt
    this will strip out all the words under 8 and over 63 chars.

    you can also do this and take out the doubles if you have any.

    cat wordlist-wpa.txt | sort | uniq > wordlist-wpa-final.txt

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    Default Awesome

    Nice post man, was wondering the samething just yesterday.

    This gonna save me alot time thank you

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    Aircrack-ng will however disregard all words shorter than 8 characters or longer than 63 automatically, so the only purpose of stripping them out of your wordlist would be to save some HDD space.
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