Hi everyone,

To anyone just starting out, this thread should be your first bible! showthread.php?t=5601
Ive hit almost every problem i think along the way, but see the problems as challenges and you will get there. Theres some duff information on this site, alot for old versions of backtrack, or just from people who you shouldnt listen to, but the thread above has all good links.

I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone on here, im actually a graphic designer slowly moving into web design, and in my final part of my learning curve ive been looking alot at security of websites and things and this website has been a massive help. Last week i was a complete newbie to Linux and ive never done any coding, but with this forum and the really good search function ive learnt so much! I love linux now and have really enjoyed it.

I had alot of problems with BT3 Final not letting me USB Asus WL-167g use packet injection, but this thread was the one that solved all my problems, by installing some different drivers, the instructions are very clear to follow.

Ive managed to get it all installed as a dual boot from this thread
showthread.php?t=1396 and lilo.

This thread about bluetooth hacking was very easy to follow and teaches you alot showthread.php?t=8592

Thanks everyone for such a great and organised site, and once i learn some more i hope to help more people out

edit: sorry im such a noob it wont let me share the usefull links ive found, so just put http : // forums.remote-exploit.org in front of the links