Ok hopefully this isn't annoying to anyone but this is annoying me to where i will post. So i have fallowed the steps to install BT3 with Vista previously installed. I install successfully and can boot BT3 one time after that lilo's boot load just displays an L on the left side of the screen and then over time adds 9A 99 99 99 99 99 99. I have uninstalled and reinstall about 9 times making minor adjustments to the lilo.conf file and even re-burned the iso to disk twice.

my laptop that i am trying to install on is : Toshiba L305-S5875

Note that the hardrive setup is :
sda1 : Toshiba System Volume
sda2 : Windows File System
sda3 : Linux Swap
sda4 : Ext3 { \ }

The step by step process i took was from this link

I would greatly appreciate any input towards making this work
Thank you for your time

also when i mount /dev/sda4 /boot and then cd /boot and do an ls
nothing appears the kernel isn't there.

Don't know if that means anything but thought i would add that.

Thank you