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Thread: Compaq Presario C700

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    Question Compaq Presario C700

    Hi, I am so very sorry if this is the incorrect section or if this post in not allowed.

    I downloaded BT3 and burnt to CD and that's all fine, my problem lies with the programs used for Wireless monitoring or cracking.

    Apparently this computer has a broadcom chipset, which I know compatibility is iffy at most, but..well lemme just cut to the chase.

    I am unable to connect to, or even detect ANY wireless networks on BT, but I have no problem on Windows Vista. I did check and BT sees my card as eth1 and it seems to be using the bcm43xx drivers. I am able to turn on and off monitor mode by using the airmon-ng stop/start commands, but yet I cannot see ANY networks in ANY program what-so-ever.

    So please any comments or help are welcome, I'd just like to know if I have done something wrong or if my computer just won't work without a new card.


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    airodump-ng eth1

    connecting to wireless network on linux for a newbie can be trickie so try this first.

    if it finds networks then your ok:-)
    im using same chipset and I made it inject few day's ago against a Zyxel router with BT3 beta.



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