ive got the programs and ive seen it being done by a friend so i know its possible, im just not very clued up on wot commands i use to manipulate how to collect network data, packets and use them for obtaining encryption keys.
Furthermore, ive got a laptop with a wireless card (Atheros AR5007 and Realtek RTL8139/810x) A wireless activation button above my keyboard (on the top left hand side) activates the wireless card in windows (if it doesnt come on automatically) and turns the colour blue when active. when i boot up backtrack at the start, the wireless button doesnt turn blue so ive tried pressin it and it doesnt come on and so, ath0/wifi0 doesnt appear for monitor mode when backtrack kicks in. Does any1 have any idea how to get my wireless card to activate at least so i can then progress to working the programs wireless utilities. (i never had this problem with my last laptop, it was an automatic wireless activation and so my mate cracked the WEP ecryption key with aircrack on it)

My current laptop is a HP Pavillion if that helps...Anyone?

Thank you so much if any1 can figure this out