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Thread: Backtrack Network Manager script: automatic eth0 settings for BT3

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    Default Backtrack Network Manager script: automatic eth0 settings for BT3

    Backtrack 3 Final does not include the utility formerly known as "set ip address" in BT2. This handy utility could easily configure Ethernet network card eth0. To remedy this problem, I just made a little script that I give you: Backtrack Network Manager.

    First, download Backtrack Network Manager:

    -Backtrack Network Manager (in french)
    -Backtrack Network Manager (in english)

    Ok, so here is a little explanation about how to use this tool and what it can do:

    It's a shell script, so you must make it executable, right click on it (the script is called, properties, permissions, "is executable", yes. Now that the script is executable, you can put it in /usr/bin, so you can use it in a shell, wherever you are. Open a shell and:

    All you have to do is select your option, and enter the informations asked, the script will configure your eth0 card for you.

    Here is the menu:

    The script allows:

    - Activate/desactivate eth0
    - Display eth0 informations
    - Set ip address, subnet mask and gateway for eth0
    - Configure the dns server for eth0
    - Activate the dhcp for eth0
    - Test the network with a ping

    Everything is almost automatic.

    You can find more details about the script here: Backtrack Network Manager little how to (in french). You can use the translation tools available for free on the net to translate that.

    Of course, the script is very simple and can be improved, but it is already a functional basis, which I hope, can help
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