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Thread: persistent changes with live-cd (not live-usb version!)

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    Smile persistent changes with live-cd (not live-usb version!)

    Hi guys,

    I searched already the forum (and elsewhere) to find how you can save your changes when you use the live-cd bt3. I am not speaking of the live-usb version so.
    I didn't not find anything convincing and working so far it seems. I want to save the changes, and of course use them on the next reboot with the live-cd.
    For that i may save the changes on preferably the hard drive, but also an usb stick i want.

    thanks for help

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    save the change.lzm folder to an external usb Exsda1) and reload it from it when u want use ur bt again

    mnt/sda1 here is ur usb or what else

    root-# dir2lzm "/mnt/live/memory/changes" "/mnt/sda1/bt/modules/changes.lzm"
    root-# lzm2dir "/mnt/sda1/bt/modules/changes.lzm" "/mnt/live/memory/changes"

    poor English and Starwar Explication :P sry but it show u the way

    but if u have a prety good translator see the BT french wiki

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    thanks dude, but i already tried that! And apparently, kde did not want to load afterwards!
    To do it, i first booted in text mode indeed, then did the stuff from an usb device, then tried a startx. Was that the correct way to do it?
    For the tutorial in french you mention, that is the very one i followed, not needing a translator, i am french.

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