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Thread: BT4 USB Modem big mistake

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    Default BT4 USB Modem big mistake

    Hello to everybody, hope anyone could help me out.
    i got bt4 installed at my harddrive, but i got internet with an usb modem (alcatel usb modem), i try many times to run my usb but doesnt work i try with vwdial, ppp-manger etc. so i decide remove wicd and install network-manager ( i hear that work with usb modem)now i dont have any coneccion!! knetwork-manager doesnt work for anything i dont now what can i do now, i want to restore wicd and find a way to runm my usb modem, but i wont format my pc, please need help. i cant install anything without internet conecction, thanks for us time

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    Default Re: BT4 USB Modem big mistake

    It will be easier to just reinstall BackTrack, the process of reinstalling packages via apt without Intenet access is possible but fiddly and I wouldnt recommend it for anyone who doesnt already know how apt works.
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