I recently installed BT3 with persistent changes on my USB stick, everything went well. This is a clean install on a brand new USB stick, and it constantly locks up while I am surfing the internet with Firefox, and sometimes when I am just doing anything in BT3. These lockups usually happen when I open a new tab, click on a link, or do pretty much anything else in the browser. When I click on something be it a new tab or link the browser window that I have open locks up for a couple of seconds then the window start responding again. Also sometimes whenever I attempt to close a window it locks up as well, or when I drag and drop items to the Desktop or elsewhere. From what I've read browsing should be faster in BT3 but that is not the case for me, because of the constant lockups. I used this same USB stick on two different computers(Core 2 Duo e6600, 2gb PC8500 DDR2, nVIDIA 8800GTS)(Athlon 64 3000+,1.5gb PC3200 DDR, nVIDIA 6800), and these lockups still happen regardless. I tried formatting the USB stick, and reinstalling BT3 but nothing gets rid of these lockups. I also tried installing the latest nVIDIA driver but that didn't fix anything either. What is the cause of all these lockups? And is there any solutions?