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Thread: Problem using 'make' in shell

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    Default Problem using 'make' in shell

    I have a new Eee PC 1000h, and after hours of laboring over my small netbook I finally got BT3f installed onto my HD.

    Now I'm trying to get wireless to work and I'm following hippocrates guide, but I get an odd error.

    Image of error:

    Link to the guide: (2nd post).

    I'm new to linux and I've searched all over but all I've found was "compile your kernel sources". I can't figure out how to do it :/

    I followed offensive-security's video tutorial to install BT3f by the way - in case it matters.

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    hello i got 1000h,
    no one mention it but i was getting errors like "no such device ra0" and i noticed that in windows i was disable the wlan and after start to boot btusb_beta from usb stick,
    i was following hippocrates guide to enable wlan with no luck.

    so go back to windows enable the wlan, (wlan light was on after restart) i reboot to btusb with usbstick, it worked

    in summary :be sure to wlan light is on when installing driver

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