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Thread: Strange happenings...

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    Default Strange happenings...

    Hi there,

    I have been using bt3 all morning, with no problems. I was able to crack my own wpa flawlessly.

    I then was going to have another go, so I logged out of XP with the disc in the drive (as I always do) and booted into bt3 as normal.

    However, when I opened the konsole to run airodump I entered the command and hit return.

    Instead of it listing aps etc... All I got was a white cursor.

    I then pressed ctrl-c and hit iwconfig.

    Same thing white cursor! nothing else.

    I thought this was weird... So I restarted the pc, it hung for ages.

    It rebooted fine. But the problem remained!!!

    I was very confused at this point. So I booted back into XP and then rebooted back into bt3.

    All went fine and I opened up the konsole again. I did iwconfig and the list of wireless exts came up - cool.

    I then hit airodump off again and got a weird error message. I then did iwconfig again and noticed that my hawking usb dish adapter is now 'eth1' it has always been eth2 on any pc I put it into!!??

    Why has it now changed to eth1? I will try it on another pc to see what happens but this is very weird.

    Am I looking at a fault with the wifi adapter or something else?

    It does consequently still work fine, but I'm just cluless as to why it has changed...

    Its just a hobby that I picked up in the lobby...

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    It happend to me once, it was the wificard driver(intel) wich hang and dont want to exit. Check if it not hot , Mine was burning.

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