I'm researching whether to allow iPhones into my environment(right now we're just blackberrys) and I came across a youtube video of a guy breaking into an encrypted, password protected iPhone with some 'custom' shell scripts that he said only law enforcement has, but he said it should be easy to make the tools.
It sounds like you boot into recovery mode, and then he has a tool based off of a jail-breaking app, and that tool then loads a ramdisk that then installs a forensics agent to allow you to pull data or remove the password.

I did the google for this tool or something like it, but no dice.
I'm wondering if anyone has a copy or knows where to get somethings similar.

Videos here:
YouTube - Demonstration: Forensic Recovery of an iPhone 3G[s]
and here:
YouTube - Breaking into the iPhone 3Gs Part 1

Thanks in advance.