Im using compaq presario v3000 and the laptop comes with Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG and Intel Pro/100VE Ethernet interface. my problems so far with bt3:

1. the ethernet interface is not detected. when i executing ifconfig -a , it only shows the lo (which is loopback) , wlan0 and wmaster0. is the interface is not supported by bt3 or my hardware is screwing up? how can i enable my eth0?

2.after going through all the threads regarding intel 3945, i've learned that the default driver, iwl3945 and the mod driver for the interface ipwraw can be change by using the modprobe command. soon after i unloaded the iwl3945 and loaded the ipwraw driver, i key in ifconfig -a just to find out that only lo interface was there! when i checked with iwconfig, no wireless interface is detected. the wlan0 and wmaster0 interface returned to normal soon after i unload the ipwraw and load back the original iwl3945 driver. could someone figure it out why this is happenning?

3. very2 n00b question: what is the function of wmaster0?