Hey I have been fumbling around the idea of having a "beast," laptop for backtrack and Vista.....hey I know vista sucks, but in the in Windows environment(work), ya need it.(if your newb in linx)
So i have been researching on =h t t p ://backtrack.offensive= and seeing what's compatible w/ BT.
The type of laptop I would like to have must have an expansion bay or smart bay for a secondary hard drive. Now if you google expansion bays or smart bays its real hard to find a list of laptops that have them. the reason why I want this, is for the convenience of switching them(hd's). I know you can dual boot but I don't like that, because I have done it to two of my laptops and don't get me wrong they work fine- But having linx and win on same hard drive bothers me since I have ran into issue w/ Vista on dual boot.
And since I want this, it puts a pretty deep pocket price on a Laptop. I found two laptops alienware m51 and dell precision 4300. But questions came up, like do I really need a intel 3.0, 2.5, 2.6, because i know linx don't need it, (and as for vista, you know its a resource hog) but I can run off a 1.6 in Vista- of course dual processors .
I know scanning can take some processor power, but I wouldn't think that much? And as for RAM can backtrack cope with 2gb? (actually I know it could, but not sure if all tools need alot of power?)

How about some of the senior members, give me a little idea what they would run or have ran BT3 on. I give me an idea of [whats plenty enough for backtrack]

All I need is RAM and processor speed, cache, or really anything else any one can think of...besides wireless cards I got that covered.