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Thread: Black Screen Help Please

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    Exclamation Black Screen Help Please

    Before i get a torrent of abuse i have looked at the fourm and nothing in it seems to relate to what i have people have the same issues but i cant seem to fix my problem with there solutions any how

    when i boot up my BT3 Final live cd i get to the selection screen fine but if i chose any option it will just black screen untill i press the power button then it produces the boot screen but nothing is happening

    i can boot in to BT3 Final buy going to text mode and entering in
    then starting startx at the bt prompt
    what i need to no is why this is happening and how do i fix the problem thanks

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    exact same problem im using an hp dv6809wm laptop

    i know its not the disc, it works perfectly on my desktop

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    I am not sure if my problem is the same but here goes.

    I've found that after booting from the DVD my screen stays blank then after some time I end up in my KDE GUI but up to that point my console is blank no text nothing at all. I see the drive spin, and the system boots up fine, but the console is blank.

    I tested the DVD in vmware and all worked as it should, the console shows all the boot up checks and I log in just fine.

    I did a hard drive install to my laptop and the same thing happens but in this case I have to blindly type in my username and pass then startx

    after that x loads and I can do everything just fine

    so it would seem that only the boot console is effected.

    I did a lot of searching and found that I can add vga=769 to 792 to the kernel line in grub.conf or LILO

    here is the list

    + | 640x480 800x600 1024x768 1280x1024
    +256 | 769 771 773 775
    +32k | 784 787 790 793
    +64k | 785 788 791 794
    +16M | 786 789 792 795

    I have not found one that works for me yet but maybe it might for you.
    If anyone else can help with this please and thank you.

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