I'm a newibe with BT4 so I hope I can find enlightenment on a few things. My computer is a Toshiba Satellite, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD, Windows 7 64bit. I do have BT3 installed on a vdware virtual machine and I have no problems. In the pursuit of a persistent usb thumb drive---Part 2 of the instructions " Persistent Changes"---I was not allowed to set the default of " 4 " after entering the first 2 commands of the section. I was also not allowed to add " vga=x317 " to the " Start Peersistent Live CD " section also within Part 2.
Could not install Nessus, the next step, because it said it could not locate the file or program. Nessus was downloaded to my computer and the first usb thumb drive, but still could not see it. And lastly, very strange...BT4 did download semi-succesfully to the usb thumb drive....however...there are no konsole shells or mouse controlled pointer. I get as far as " airodump " and cannot go further because of no taskbar or konsole shells.