Ok, I have been having alot of problems with getting straight info regarding the status of the SD card reader/writer support for this 4in1-- much of the info I have found is pretty dated. I have spent much of this weekend trying to get the reader working under debian and ubuntu with 0 luck-- I popped in the BT disk (because also having strange usb wifi [w rtl8187 ALFA usb wifiNIC] issues under both but always have had great success with BT [not final tho]),, anyways,, I noticed, regarding the cardreader problem that BT has some support for pcmcia devices installed into the 4in1,, but still nothing for the SD reader/writer? unless I am missing something,, which is likely!

The machine is an old HP nc6000, mostly everything else works by default with BT so I think I am going to probably stick with it for now-- but sure would like to get this SD card writer working cause I need some tunes in my fone!!

Can anyone give some advice on how to proceed from here? I am not skilled enough to hack the driver I don't think,, but would be willing to try if someone more skilled would assist? or at least provide some guideline on how to get started,, or somethin....

This issue is about the worst one right now for me,,,, and it really looks like is a common issue for this hardware (at least that is what my dated info indicates,,)

Thanks in advance for any hep with this issue,,, cheers J