Hi all

I am new to BT3

I started testing it cause I will buy eee701.

I started it over USB and that worked just fine, but when system started I noticed that there is no sound. Probably not recognizing sound card.

But let me first tell what mainboard I have

It is ECS model GF7100PVT-M3 vith Nvidia chipset.

So first how to solve sound driver problem

Next I don't have any net conn, because BT3 does not recognize my lan card which is onboard BTW. I am connected to a Wimax modem. It is in router mode. in this way it is always connected. And DHCP is on if that will mater

And third and final for now is that I cannot find my dvd rom. I know I have to mount it, my brother told me that but we tried over the phone. But we could not fount any of the folders where rom should be. The model of rom is pionner dvd-rw DVR-212D ATA. It is Sata connected

So if anybody could help me it would be great.

P.S. sorry for bad english
I hope there will be no problems like these on eee 701