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Thread: airpwn interface configuration question

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    Default airpwn interface configuration question

    I've been reading up on airpwn, and I see you need 2 interfaces, which I've got. The config files lead me to believe you need 3 interfaces, which I also managed to get up. I can't find any specifics on what those interfaces should look like.

    I'm trying to figure out what goes in this section:
    -i <iface> : sets the listen/control/inject interface
    -M <iface> : sets the listen (monitor) interface
    -C <iface> : sets the control interface
    -I <iface> : sets the injection interface

    I've seen -i ath0 and that's it, I've seen -i ath0/ath1/wlan0 too. So my first question is, how do you want these 3 interfaces to look, and then how to fit them into the above format.

    I've settled on:

    wg511t (pcmcia)
    ath0 = managed
    ath1 = monitor
    wg111v2 (usb)
    wlan0 = monitor (I can swap them if need be)

    So does this look right? And then which is the listen, control & inject. Injects is managed probably, but any help appreciated.


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