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Thread: install HD with usb iso

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    Default install HD with usb iso

    I try to install bt3 on my acerone I boot from usb pen with bt3isousb I create partiton like document I startx but I can't find BT install on system menu any help?

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    Default There is no installer

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE people search the forums before posting.
    I did the following search
    Showing results 1 to 25 of 411
    Search took 0.22 seconds. Search: Keyword(s): installer
    then I did another search to try and refine it and look
    Showing results 1 to 25 of 411
    Search took 0.12 seconds. Search: Keyword(s): installer bt3
    and to just be a pure-d-sh#$ I did one last search
    Showing results 1 to 25 of 499
    Search took 0.17 seconds. Search: Keyword(s): where installer in bt3 final

    and guess what I found more than once?
    that right
    Pureh@te, Baldingparrot, and few others telling people

    if you want to install it and need an installer... hate to be rude but ... go back to windows or use another disto. sorry but if you cant even use basic search feature of the forums it makes me wonder if your one of the one I sit an over hear talking with their friends "hey man I got backtrack so I can hack your system anytime I want" but has no idea how to use even the most basic tools rolled into this distro.

    Please people stop asking for the installer for they ( BackTrack Developers) decided not to include it and that is their decision and if we want a distro to have an installer then we should be using a distro that is designed and intended to be installed to a hard disk. but BT3 is intended to be a live distro and that is the path the powers to be are trying to take us down with good intent. I personally believe they believe if we cant figure out the simpllest thing such as installing via command line then we shouldnt be installing it and should be running it as a live version.

    Balding or Pure can one of you please close this thread and I personally thing the idea of warning people about asking for installer should be treated like double posting but that just me.

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