Alright, my first question is fairly simple.

If I boot with the BT3 cd, run it under BT3 Graphics mode (KDE) and everything boots fine. Just booting it like that (because i don't think a partition is really necessary) if I update BT3 or download any programs will they disappear when I shut down? Or do they stay on my Hard Drive somewhere?

Now, I just bought my MacBook last week to replace my busted desktop, and I was wondering (if any of you use BT3 on macbooks as well) if any of you could point me in the direction of, or tell me how to set up BT3 to use the built-in MacBook wifi card.

If you don't have enough information just tell me what you need (type of wireless card, whatever) here and I'll post up a response with the answer.

Thanks in advance,