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Thread: installing BT3 With fedora and windows xp .. is it possible ??

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    Unhappy installing BT3 With fedora and windows xp .. is it possible ??


    i have a hard drive 160GB

    i installed windows xp on sda1
    and fedora core 9 on sda 8

    i created partition sda10 with 4GB and i wanted to install BT3 on this partition with fedora and winxp

    is there a solution for that

    i have searched for installing it .. i found installing on single hard or on usb but i want to install it with FC9 and windows xp

    is there any one can help me ??

    thank you


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    yes you can triple boot these 3 os's check out the backtrack wiki pages for a full tutorial

    I do have one question for you though, how are you installing os's on sda8/sd10, I thought hardrives could only have 4 primary partitions? Are the previous partitions all logical?

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    i made these partitions first thing fromating DM to 4 Partitions .. then i made another specific partitions .. i cutted them from another partitons ..

    i guess you can do all that with and partition manager program ..


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    Default hi im anufa noob tryin not 2 anoy u cleverer noobs lol

    i have a toshiba equium a class ppae or sumit and its intel centrino duo it has a wirless card and have had it finding wirless points no problem in past but recently its not letting me see any stations at all and returns error i have enabled the netword driver and it sais its started. i am using bt2 and i am getting bt3 atm wile im posting this blog lol.

    the 1 real question i need answering at this point is about my hdd partitioning settings or lack off :/

    i have a 80 gb sata laptop hdd and have 2 partitions 1 is active and contains xp and 1 is not showing up as its not active.

    i have tryed installing the installer from the bt2 live disk and this returns a fatal error wen iv restarted and try and load startx from the hdd.

    any ideas i have not done any settings yet as dont want to lose windows xp.

    i want to be able to multiboot.

    please any response is helpfull

    please note i will give more info upon asking as i may not know how to find cirtain info out if its not 2 easy just say how and i wil retriev info u may need to help and i will reply with my findings lol

    (you have permission to mock me only if you help aswell lmfao) :-/

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