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Thread: Problem to recognize an Alfa 500mv with my notebook.

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    Default Problem to recognize an Alfa 500mv with my notebook.

    Problem to recognize an Alfa 500mv with my notebook and BackTrack 3 final.

    Dear Fellows,

    I have a notebook and here are the specs.
    Asus Motherboard
    Z96JS BIOS
    Version: 0901
    Build Date: 07/14/06
    EC Firmware: 10000800001
    Processor Type: Intel(R) Core (TM ) 2 CPU T7400 @ 2.16GHZ
    Speed: 2166 Mhz
    System memory: 2048 MB

    Alfa 500mw Card,

    I installed it Alfa in Windows XP SP2 and the green light is blinking, so seems that it is working, I tested in an old Toshiba Satellite Pentium 2 and seems with BackTrack 3 CD ROM and it recognized the Alfa 500mw with the iwconfig.

    My notebook Asus came with the Intel wireless chipset 3945ABG on board, when I boot the cd rom with the alfa 500 mw, it does not seem that recognizes it, once it recognized, but not anymore, I do not think that is a problem with my Alfa 500mw usb card or my notebook,

    I believe that could be a configuration that I do not know how to set it up to make it work in this Asus Computer, any clues or something to know what is happening here? I am very frustrated, I have 4 usb ports, I already tried on 3 different ones and it does not seem that work. I was thinking that maybe were that I need to connect on one specific port.

    Please help to let me know what can I do.

    thanks on advance.

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    Apologies but its not 100% clear to me as to where your problem is occuring, but I will give some information anyway.

    When in BT3 with your Alfa the LED will not light up, so dont look there to see if it works or not. The Alfa will be assigned WLAN0, and your internal intel will be Wifi0 probably, so make sure you are using WLAN0 with any of your commands.

    With the Alfa plugged in launch Kismet, and select the appropriate interface, and you should easily see if all is working as it should.

    Hope it helps a little.

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    thanks for the answers / suggestions, I could make it recognize with an old desktop dell computer and an old toshiba satelite pentum II, I am still cocerned that my alfa 500mw is working property or not, for some reason in my asus notebook in backtrack 3 is not recognizing this alfa, just rarely it does, but the weird thing is that with Windows XP SP2 it seems that it is recognized.

    Is there any tests that I can do to see if it is working properly?

    How can I use Kismet or what is the paramers / command to use it?

    Any paramenters that I should try ?


    Have you had any problems or any of you that the alfa 500mw just gets packgets, but doesn't send? I believe that's the problem on my alfa, it came defective.

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    OK, guys
    That alfa was broken, so when you have a problem of injection and you are sure that you did all the steps correctly, please replace with other and you will work fine.

    I was thinking that maybe I was doing something wrong, but I was doing everything fine, that Alfa was broken.

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