Ok guys.. now this time i got a problem wich i can not solve... i'am srry.

1.) I got 3 Harddisk in my PC.

Windows is one IDE and called: sdb1
BackTrack 3 is installed on SATA II and is sda1.

The SATA II is on the second. SATA Socket of my Mainboard.

I configured lilo to make dualboot.

#windows boot possibility:
other = /dev/sdb1
label = Windows
table = /dev/sdb

lilo is installed on the SATA II Harddisk and to run lilo i have to tell my Mainboard that SATA II Harddisk where BT3 is, is number one and Windows IDE Harddisk is number two.

When i boot my PC i see lilo and i can boot BT3 but not Windows .

2.) Problem with Video.
I got an ATI HD4850 Video Card and when i run startx or kdm the graphic is horrible.. the colours are wrong and u can't read nothing... is there a way to configure the Video Card via Shell ?

Sorry when i ask so many questions..

Thank you very much !