I understand what u say shadowkill, never stole anything, and never will. But that battery stays with me. Period. I might be wrong but its their mistake for not caring about the customer. All they want is sell wich by ever means posible so if the client gets harm they simply dont care. Also had some issues with them before when buying desktop pc and the conclusion is never buy from them again.

Lots of people I talked about the issue said take the laptop and smash it to their face, then they would return an item. I aint like that but most of people would do that of that I know. Are they bad people? no, they just want thier invested money see working and nothing else, cause all us minor and irrelevant people to all theese big companise matter nothing, they all want to see their cashir bigger and when even if thats not enough they want it even much bigger and bigger so we as small people who are just simple numbers and are easy to calculate by massive manipulation. Well that a bit bigger issue not so important to BT forum.