I have been searching on this forum and google searching for some time now.
First I had troubles booting in and then solved it, everything works fine except I cant find my WIFI device wich has a visible SSID but with wpa-psk enabled.
Using windows I have no problem connecting but it can get hard to search of any posibilities while BT3 is running without internet connection. So everytime I have to reboot to win xp search for a problem and then write it on a piece of paper or to put an .txt file.
What I understand that there are eth0 and eth1 to witch my broadcom NIC is associated. I tried to run wireless configuration and still cant find any WiFI signal. I also tried in some program witch name I forgot put configuration files in but it then says that wpa_suplicant cant be started. As also read somewhere over the internet that new drivers are installed by kernel wich is here on BT3 a newer one has and that all devices are loaded into it.
I use compaq 6720s.
This all has led me to change a distro to ubuntu maybe but as alway like to work on a bit harder os. Im considering a new laptop and give this one to my mother for searching receipts over the internet. Thats all this laptop can do. Please convince me otherwise.
Best regards Max Halz.

P.S. Even if I find the solution how can I boot again with new options from usb?