Hi All, I can't post in the wireless section so I hope it's ok to ask here.

I've been following this guide:

hxxp://thew0rd.com/2008/08/19/tutorial-cracking-wep-using-backtrack-3/ <--- note the xx's

and I've run into a problem.

When trying to generate packets from the AP to crack I find that I'm not getting any. It's reading the packets just fine I've collected many of them, however I'm not getting any of the ARP packets and airodump is showing that I'm not getting any data.

I was able to get a couple of data packets ( 14 in total ) when trying against one AP but obviously that isn't enough. Is it the AP that's the problem (weak signal?) or is it something on my end? Is there any other techniques to generate packets for cracking purposes?

I'm using the intel 3945 chipset and backtrack 3.0 any tips would be greatly appreciated.