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Thread: Utilizing the registry

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    Default Utilizing the registry

    what could someone do to you with the registry? I tried saving the registry from my old computer and opening it on my current computer but I couldn't open it without merging it (so I didn't). also when i open it in Vs2005 I just don't receive the same sort of user interface as available with regedit.

    How could an attacker/me use the registry for evil/educational purposes?
    I read that some pretty funny stuff could be done, like removing the shutdown button from the start menu but what practical use could become of it?
    Is it possible to effectively defend against registry based attacks?

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    Hey Big D,

    there are tons of threads availabe in the net... just use google.
    e.g. an attacker can steal software serials etc..
    How i said.. just google it.
    Be sensitive in choosing where you ask your question. You are likely to be ignored, or written off as a loser, if you:

    * post your question to a forum where it's off topic
    * post a very elementary question to a forum where advanced technical questions are expected, or vice-versa
    * cross-post to too many different newsgroups
    * post a personal e-mail to somebody who is neither an acquaintance of yours nor personally responsible for solving your problem

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    They can also find out what type of software/version you have installed on your system, and costumized an attack or exploit vulnerabilities referent to that software. I believe, you can also tell what hardware is connected on the machine too.

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