I have been around since backtrack 3 and i just got my alfa card a few months ago n i love it. Thing is I am looking for a tutorial on packet injection. I know a few months ago hak5 darren kitchen showed off how to make other people see u or any other picture when a page loads where there is supose to be an image. I thought that was cool. Also I remember him stating that u can kinda force people to see their browser flipped when they visit sites. These are things i would like to learn But i have done WEP cracking tell i was blue in the face. So the console is not a problem for me as i use to run ubuntu servers.

also i have tried to look around the web for "data collection in monitor mode" n have yet to come up with something decent. Again something i was shown around hak5 but was never totally disclosed. ive done packet collections in monitor mode n have yet to come out with the same results on my own network.

any info u could give me would be wonderful. thanks in advance.