These 2 questions are more about linux than bt, but hopefully someone here can still help out.

1. Sometime I use backtrack outside on sunny days and w/ default colors I can't see anything. I've dug around and I see color settings evderywhere for each different app, e.g. ls, vi, xterm, etc. Is there just a single option I can use when launching an xterm window itself that will squash/override any color settings any launched app tries to pass? I'd like to find someway to do what I'd logically think of as 'xterm color=none

2. This one's so general I couldn't figure out where find the answer. Usually when I've used different linux computers locally or remotely I do copy/paste by first highlighting to copy then right click to paste. How do I set backtrack to work that way instead of the right-click plus C and shift-insert way?