Hey is any way to play with VB script on Backtrack or on any Linux distro? I mean I heard about Mono....but really not that familiar in it. Then I read post that it is a bad idea....which sucks for me because I spent so much time trying to tweak Windows machines so that way they could operate as good as......well Linux.
First let me explain how I got to this point, I work at non-profit organization , we have a little network 100 workstations, different locations, one box(server) that runs everything....I know, I know, not fault tolerant...but like I said its non-profit....hence us not paying for a lot of training, equipment, software,etc. That's why I am on Backtrack not solar winds or something like that....plus I like Linux now- very customizable. Oh ya I have to start doing security audits the beginning of next month.....that's why I have been slamming this backtrack in the brain. So my boss has given me permission to hack, crack, the network. He basically sets me a file on one of the networking drives that is protected your usual network authentication(server 2003), and my task is to grab that....So I have been following some guides Hacking Exposed, Hacking for Dummies, etc

So I have cracked one wireless AP on our network with the tutorial of aircrack but here's a little funnier part I couldn't do it with spoonWPA..don't ask I ll figure that out later. So after i got the PSK I was able to access the AP....now I don't know what to do next (how to access a networked mapped drive with authentication). Which tool is best suited for this in Backtrack? Please know smart remarks, I'm looking for hand up, not a hand out.

I already have permission
windows server 2003 network
Have access to the network already through aircrack
Need to map a drive or hack into a drive thats has been networked
not sure what tool to use

Besides forums and google is their a backtrack book? That I can buy froma bookstore....its is mentioned in alot of books