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Thread: backtrack 3 on sd card on acer one

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    Default backtrack 3 on sd card on acer one

    ok im reading the tutorial on but everytime i boot into backtrack with my usb or cd my sd hc 4gb card isnt mounted or recognized how do i fix that? or get it to recognize that its there?

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    Do a
    fdisk -l
    That should show you every storage device on your machine. If that doesn't show it, unplug the card, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in. Then do a dmesg, is should show the card being recognized. If it doesn't, then I have no idea. Does the card show up in whatever os comes with the acer?
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    Does lspci show the card-reader?
    Is the One running Linux natively? If so, try lspci there also.

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