hi my friends
i want to installing BT3 Final on Virtual Machine 2007 but when the setup loading require file after this section:

i see black screen!....(at the end of the picture said that if you see black screen "hit ctrl+alt+numplus" but i cant do this! becase im running BT on virtual machine and it seems that that keys don't work on virtual machine.

i cant use VMware because i have 3 virtual machine on Virtual Machine 2007 and cant transfer these machines to VMware.
Fixing this problem is important for me.
hope to fix my problem
thanks in advance

i have a problem at i know that many people had this problem
when i try to launch BT3 Final during boot section i see a black screen.
actually after this sectionstarting startx)
also i checked bug and fix section and see one topic related to my problem and try replacing autoexec=xconf with bt acpi=off.this way allowed me to load bactrack without starting startx command automatically,so i try xconf and it configure my graphic card and i see black screen in 3 second and after that i see BT windows agian but when i try startx again i see black screen.
im using MS Virtual PC 2007 and my hardware configuration is: AMD ATHLON X2 64 4000+,Gigabyte geforce 7300 GT, 1 gig patriot ram.
i'll be happy if some one can help me.
thanks in advance