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Thread: My Secondry HDD failed to detect

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    Question My Secondry HDD failed to detect

    hi everyone... i'm new here... this is my second post... so if i have done it wher exactly it should have been done please forgive me...

    here is the prob i face...

    i have segate 250 GB HDD(sata) and my windows boots from this one...
    i have connected a 40 GB samsung HDD(sata) as secondry drive and it gets detected in my xp but it failed to get detected in BT 3 final when i used it as my live cd...

    what could be the problem... help me out guys...

    thanking you in advance...

    : Love is Divine :

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    I having a similar problem with an external usb harddrive. I still haven't solve it but check out the thread it may give you some ideas.

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