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Thread: BT3, wlanctl-ng not found

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    Default BT3, wlanctl-ng not found


    I don't know if this is exactly a bug, I loaded AirSnort and when I try to 'start' the scan I get a:

    sh: /sbin/wlanctl-ng: No such file or directory

    In the background.

    Is this a bug? how do I go solving this? I figure I must get wlanctl-ng, however I'm booting from USB Stick so changes won't stick.


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    i've the same error message at the bash which started airsnort, but airsnort works fine.
    I preferr to select "other" instead of "wlan-ng" at airsnorts driver selection box. I dont know what the difference is, but those error message wont be shown.

    The only thing what now needs to be manually done, is to set ur wlan device in monitor mode. (iwconfig wlan0 mode Monitor)

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