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Thread: BT3 install on Acer Aspire One

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    Default BT3 install on Acer Aspire One

    ok, I recently decided to buy an aspire one today... $400 taxes included... not too shabby. The model I bought is as follows, AOA 150-1249. 120gb hard drive installed.

    I formated the hard drive into 2 partitions, 1 is 95gb for windows xp. I installed windows xp pro, and used the file manager within xp to format the 2nd partiton.

    I have an external usb drive, and burned off a copy of the backtrack 3 final. I can get it to boot, but I'm not a 100% sure how to get it to install. I've checked the forums, and see EEEpc's, but not aspire one with an IDE hard drive.

    my hard drive through bt3 shows sda5 as my partiton that I made for bt3...

    Any suggestions or guidance would be a big help.

    Thank you,


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    You made an ext3 partition with XP's "file manager"??
    I think you need to check out that part again.

    Basically, treat it as a normal laptop and follow the install guides around here.........

    Also, please use descriptive thread titles, as per the forum rules

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    Default Acer aspire ONE

    I have been using the aspire one for several weeks not, Everything seems to be working to me. I was able to break WEP and WPA.

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