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Thread: Network Setup HowTo

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    Default Network Setup HowTo

    Well I download the VMWare and I have Static IP.
    I lost 30min to figure out how to setup all parameters via cmd line,
    is there a NetworkManagement GUI app in BackTrack, I saw only for WLAN.
    And the eth0 was down. anyways these are the commands I used:

    Setup IP/MASK/Gateway:
    # ifconfig eth0 <IP> mask <mask>
    Route Net:
    # route add -net netmask eth0
    Set Gateway:
    # route add default gw
    Set DNS:
    # vim /etc/resolv.conf

    Could also try one of the GUI based:
    netconf , linuxconf, netconfig

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    with DHCP just use
    dhclient eth0
    dhcpc eth0

    also in ...../interfaces yo ucan setup static etc .. just google for it

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