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Thread: Help with packet injection using Edimax EW7318-USG

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    Default Help with packet injection using Edimax EW7318-USG

    Can somebody help me please im am following the wep cracking reloaded tutorial as on 'smallnetbuilder' website using an Edimax EW7318-USG and BT3 Beta

    I unplug the adaptor enter:
    modprobe rt73

    Plug it in and enter:
    ifconfig rausb0 up

    enable PRISM headers, allow transmission while in monitor mode, and put the card into monitor mode:
    iwpriv rausb0 forceprism 1
    iwpriv rausb0 rfmontx 1
    iwconfig rausb0 mode monitor

    i follow the steps and it comes to aireplay-ng and the ARP attack i type:
    aireplay-ng --arpreplay -b [AP BSSID]
    -h [client MAC from airodump] rausb0
    Airplay works as it should to the point of reading packets and the numbers shoot up however no arp requests or packets are sent

    I know there are probably better ways to do this now however this is the first tut i ever used to crack my wep key on my test network on another card, and i'd like to do it this way.

    I'm just stuck at this point and can't find much to suggest whats wrong can somebody point me in the right direction please.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and help in advance much apreciated.
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    Default about penetration attack

    hi there, you posted a while back and was explaining you are having problems with using injection with your card my friend. Well as a total noob myself to using backtrack. I got myself the edimax 7318usg adapter and have searched and researched many forums and sites for answers. I think the cards excellent value for money as many others will probably agree, as I purchased mine for £12 on amazon.

    Ive tried using aireplay and the aircrack suite but it always failed me upon trying to inject even though ive got the 2.0.0-k2wrlz driver

    I'm currently running backtrack 3 final from a 8gb usb flash drive, Ive made it with persistent changes and installed the relative 2.0.0-k2wrlz driver as recommended in an earlier post on this forum.

    The easy way I recommend is as follows:
    open console.
    type airmon-ng stop rausb0
    ifconfig rausb0 down
    macchanger --mac 00:11:22:33:44:55 rausb0
    airmon-ng start rausb0
    airodump-ng rausb0 (Now look for your Target Network)
    Check under data that some data is visibly able to be captured.

    now go to kde menu and leave console open.
    go to backtrack and network & radio analysis\80211\ALL and select spoonwep.

    Spoonwep should open as a gui, now refer to the console and type the bssid of the target network in the first line of spoonwep, leave ath unchecked and
    dont type anything in client mac

    go to netcard and select rausb0, now select channel of your Target refer to console. Then launch arp replay attack you should see your wep key soon.

    also if injection and collection of ivs seems slow, go to console and type iwconfig rausb0 rate 1m this speeded up collection of ivs much quicker.

    Please respect forum rules and policy and obide the law only penetrate and test on your own router or network and no one elses, you are warned.

    what works for me may not work for everyone else, but I am just sharing my knowledge with people who wish to try it this way, thanks any help needed just let me know.

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