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Thread: Install and setup?

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    Default Install and setup?

    I'm new to the whole forum thing. Not a big fan of forums so if I happen to screw this up tell me . I'm curious as to how I can replace 1 OS such as windows with BT3 without screwing anything up on either end. As such I don't want any space used up then needed as I want to figure out this linux distro asap. I one of my dummy computers set up and ready to be worked on but can't figure out how to make the BT3 the OS rather then duel boot or run it from cd/usb any ideas?

    And again I'm rather new to posting on forums as I don't really post on them more then needed.


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    To be honnest i dont really understand your question

    1.There are several dual boot tutorials on this forum alone which you can find with the serach bar. Make sure you back up all of your work before attempting this

    2. If you dont want to "screw things up" just burn the bt3 iso to cd/dvd and use it from there

    3. The recommended way is now to place a copy of BT3 on a usb stick, again there are planty of tutorials in this forum ust search

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    I am not quite sure what you are trying to do either, but it sounds like you want to replace Windows with BT3 and make it the sole OS on the computer. If so, simply use your partitioning program of choice, parted comes with BT3F, and clear out the windows partition. From this point onwards simply use one of the posted tutorials to actually install BT3 to your HDD.
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