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Thread: dedicated forum to special pentest devices like eeepc

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    Default dedicated forum to special pentest devices like eeepc

    look @ topic title.

    how to setup eeepc for to config the wireless card. but not a eeepc forum only...all netbooks, handheld devices ect.

    i think thats an good idea.

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    No that would be ridiculous as any laptop owners would soon be requesting their own laptops to be listed on their individual forums.

    I would say if anything is to suggest to have laptop discussion forum, but even at that involves almost everyone here as I'm sure most are mobile users.

    So all in all, no, its not a good idea.

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    Plus Asus seems to spit them out every other week or so
    dd if=/dev/swc666 of=/dev/wyze

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    You can find plenty of good help at the eeepc user forums already, for general Linux questions.

    As for setting up a dedicated sub-forum for the eepc, as already pointed out, there are many of these little "sub-notebooks", "mini-notes", "UPMC's" (whatever you'd like to call them) being released almost weekly at the moment.
    We would soon end up with requests to also offer specific sub-forum support for the other eepc models or the Mini-note, One, Wind, etc, etc..........

    So, unfortunately, this wouldn't be a very practical idea.
    Also, a lot of "generic" information would become fragmented and scattered throughout the "specific model" sub-forums.

    Thanks for suggestion though

    We are always happy to receive suggestions for improvements to the forum content, layout, etc, even if it may not appear so when a suggestion is declined

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