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    Hello to all the members here in the forums just got my BT3 setup to run of USB My question is about the wifi card to use because i have a couple of them First of all i have a hp zv5000 laptop with a broadcom card built in and the driver is bcm43XX .The rest of my cards are a DLINK USB G132,
    DLINK-WNA1330 and a DLINK air-plus DWL-G650 when i go into the shell i dont see wlan0 all i see is eth0 or wifi0(parent with ath0) i really what to get one of these running with Air**acK-ng

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    Dlink has very good versioning on their models, google the firmware version and/or hardware version to get the chipsets. I think all of them will work with aircrack-ng without too much hassles provided that you are patient and have logic.

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