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Thread: Can't access internet or LAN

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    Default Can't access internet or LAN

    I am running BackTrack 3 on a Dell Inspiron 8600. I am running it on a flash drive. I can't access the internet.

    How do I set up the internet on this? I want to be able to access the internet and LAN's on more than one laptop. Can I set it up so that it won't always need to be set up?

    I have been trying for a while to get this working but have had no sucess.

    Please help

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    What have you been trying?

    Assuming that you don't have some odd network card (requiring an odd driver), configure the interface(s) the same as any other Linux distro. If that doesn't make any sense, then you should probably start with a basic Linux that is geared more towards a beginner.
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    a) have you even tried dhcpcd -d -t 10 ethX?

    b) yes, its called having the network cable plugged in prior to booting up so that it will grab ip address from dhcp server.

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