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Thread: need to cross compile on BT3

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    Default need to cross compile on BT3

    I know this isn't exactly the place to ask for this but I thought maybe someone might know since BT3 is the only *nix platform I use, I thought maybe the answer might be specific to BT3 so I'm asking here.

    And here is the question:

    I'd like to compile win32 binaries on Linux without a lot of hassle. I currently do it in win32 and since I'm mostly using this distro and don't like to turn on windwos too much, I'm hoping I can do it here in BT3. I have all the source codes, etc., just don't know what kind of command line gcc commands to run and if I need to get extra software, libraries, etc.


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    w32 libs? heh I'm sure googling will give you some results.

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