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Thread: Run backtrack from Win and Update packages?

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    Default Run backtrack from Win and Update packages?

    Yo guys,

    I have some doubts, can you give some hints?

    a) I know I can install new packages in BackTrack downloading RPM files and converting to .tgz and than install it. But it's not very good when you want a clean and stable system. There is a tool similar to apt-get to Backtrack?

    It should be wonderful, to install new packages and update the system and always keeping the integrity (sometimes you need to mix RPM from several vendors and it turn your system in real crap).

    b) Is there a way to run Backtrack directly from Windows? More or less like in Damn Small Linux?

    Check here please: w w

    Obs.: Please, remove the spaces among the "w", it's cause my user can't post URL.

    Thanks and sorry for dumb questions...


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    a) its called slapt-get. Backtrack is based off slax which is similar to slackware and if you look for slackware packages, they are relatively the same. RPM are inadequately woeful with the way they are built.

    b) Only through vmware or virtualisation mode. If you want test wireless security with backtrack whilst its under virtualisation, the only wireless device that will be supported will only be USB.

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